Mapping Experiments

Here are some links to aerial imagery taken at a training operation. The imagery was captured with a rotary wing remotely piloted vehicle, and stitched together using Microsoft Image Composite Editor. Each flight was approximately 5 minutes. The next step will be to georeference these and overlay them on a map.  A single frame is included for comparison.  The biggest problem I've run into so far is that the camera can see the landing gear, which causes issues with stitching the images together. 

Single Frame - 1 MB

Flight 1 - 24 MB

Flight 2 - 50 MB

Flight 3 - 23 MB

Flight 4 - 33 MB

Flight 5 - 56 MB

I'm going to call this one a good learning experience, but a failure in terms of mapping.  The Microsoft ICE tool doesn't seem to produce an image that is close enough to orthorectified to use for mapping.  I'll keep working on this one.  

Another Update:
I ran these images through a much fancier stitching program.  The short version is that I had to stitch them in 3D to get a hopefully more accurate image.

Flight 3 OrthoPhoto - 19 MB